What Can a Nickel Get You Today?

Nickel Marketing Can Get You

  • Customized Advertisement

  • High Gloss Colored Prints

  • Delivered Right to Your Customer’s Mailbox

Advertise to 5,000 Households, FREE.

Let’s Stimulate Our Local Economy

Let’s face it – everyone is on a budget today and unless you have an offer that is better than your competitor across the street, you run the chance of being overlooked.  Nickel Marketing is here to help.  Together, we’ll assemble an ad with an irresistible offer designed to make a person skip over your competition and walk into your place of business.

We will get your offer  delivered to potential customers in the area you do business.  Finally, we will virtually put it in their hands – your ad will be in the biggest coupon mailer to ever be delivered to their mailbox.  The customer will see your ad on the JUMBO SAVINGS CARD.www.nickelmarketing.com Jumbo Savings Card


As you operate your business, we want to make your marketing expenses fruitful and profitable for you.  As you already know, some of the keys to advertising are:

  • Repetition
  • Visibility
  • Demographics
  • Cost

We want to do all of this while at the same time, offering a great deal to your customers – Let’s stimulate our local economy!