Take a look at this aerial image detailing a small portion of a typical suburban neighborhood.

Imagine the lifestyles of these residents… they keep their yards clean and attractive, they like nice clothes, they have family pizza night, they go out to eat often, they improve their homes, they have pools or dream of having a pool, they drink wine with friends, go out out to restaurants often, they take their pets to the groomers…

Do you think that a large attractive postcard sent to these families with coupons for pizza, clothing, pet grooming, wine, restaurants, contracting, carpet cleaning, and other similar services will be welcomed in the mail by them? Of course. This is the heart of my method.

These are also the type of people that will instantly throw away junk mail. A value pack mailing or coupon book arrives and they toss it out because they don’t have the time or need to look at it, even if it does indeed have a lot of coupons they might use.

But send them a big postcard with a huge coupon that says “FREE PIZZA” and you bet it’ll get looked over really well.


Our local communities desperately need a system like this in place. Small business owners everywhere are practically begging for an outlet exactly like our Jumbo Savings Card without even knowing it.

Giant corporations muscle their way into our communities and often make life miserable for the mom ‘n pop places who can’t compete. Many small businesses offer better service, better quality products, better guarantees, and often better prices than the big boys yet they struggle to get people to notice them. They don’t have the advertising power to reach so many people so quickly like the big companies can.

When Sears runs a sale on snow tires in the winter, they can flood the market with radio ads, pay-per-click, newspaper inserts, tv commercials, and outdoor billboards. They’re able to rapidly make a large percentage of your local market aware of their offer. Now there’s probably plenty of small tire shops in town that have better prices and better service but they can’t spend a fortune promoting it like a corporate giant can. In a perfect world, there would be an inexpensive way to reach darn near 100% of an entire local market and make virtually every single local resident instantly aware of their sales and offers.

… And you can create this method in your local area today!

With Nickel Marketing Jumbo Savings Card, you’ll be sending out the largest unfolded postcards possible, which is going to dwarf every other piece of mail the consumers receive.

The power in this is that what gets advertised actually gets attention and is often retained rather than thrown out.

Your postcard will look like someone stuck a small billboard in their mail. The optimal size is 9″ x 12″ and most people will never have even seen a postcard that big arrive in their mailbox. This further enhances the value and uniqueness you provide.

The 9” x 12” Postcard Billboard that
OVERPOWERS any other mail.

  • It has an infinite shelf life, allowing the recipient to store it and view it at a more convenient time should they wish.
  • It’s a personal and direct experience that doesn’t require any clicking, typing, opting-in, subscribing, or signing up.
  • The UV High-gloss on both sides, makes it attractive and different from any other piece of mail.
  • It’s packed full of valuable offers on everyday services, separating it from junk mail that will get tossed out immediately.