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Marketing with Coupons is truly an art that must be understood in order to get the most out of any advertising. “It’s all a numbers game” is what many think and in a way that is true. However, you can also play at the casino for years and throw away thousands of dollars, but when you find the strategy to increase your odds, it becomes more beneficial.

At Nickel Marketing we have developed years of understanding marketing both from our own experiences and watching other companies. Advertising is approached from a perspective of an entire system, to get it all to work more effectively. It’s kind of like learning to walk or even run and not having shoes to walk through difficult terrain without injuries. We have analyzed multiple approaches that “simply work”. Below you will see a few things to consider when advertising and then you will find the plans that we offer to suit your needs.

Where are you advertising?

www.nickelmarketing.com - punchWhen you are paying for advertisement you must consider the type of advertising you are doing. Such as “paper directory”, newspaper, magazine, postcard mailers, website, etc…  One of the beautiful things about advertising with Nickel Marketing is that we’ve already thought about the best approach for you to reach your audience with a powerful punch.

We start with a mailer coupon that will deliver to thousands of potential customers through direct mailers.  The Jumbo Savings Card is designed to show “irresistible deals” so the recipient will want to hold on to the card because it will be a loss of value. The card consists of card stock paper with glossy full color ads on a JUMBO size card 15 in by 12 in. That is most likely the largest piece of mail they will have ever received. The intent is to make it impossible to miss. Then of course by applying irresistible deals to the 34 ads on the front and back, the card itself will be worth hundreds of dollars.

Nickel Marketing QR CodeThe business card size ad (3.5″ x 2″) will consist of your custom advertisement in full color. Remember, this is a full color glossy ad, with a free QR code on the ad. Are you familiar with one of the latest technologies in marketing? It’s called mobile marketing. By scanning this QR code, they will immediately be transferred to the website of your choice. We generate a QR code specifically tailored to where you want to send your customer.  This means that if you already have a website, you can direct the viewer to your site from your QR Code.

What is the advertisement going to do for you?

Marketing works in various ways – It could simply be a matter of brand recognition so people get used to seeing your brand, simply informational so your customer knows how to contact you, and then there is the “call-to-action”.  We apply all these principles, but yet focus on the “call-to-action’, because that is what ultimately is going to make you money now. As you realize, this is the main reason most businesses advertise. Once you start making the money to pay for the marketing, then you can continue spending on the cost to make your brand famous.  This is accomplished with the irresistible offer.

Have heard of a small company called Domino’s Pizza? Well, they were very small once, until they perfected their irresistible  offer. Their offer was “Get your Pizza in 30 minute or it’s free”. This offer is legendary in marketing because it made Domino’s who they are today. They created an offer that was so difficult to believe, that many customers bought the pizza just for the challenge of seeing if they could get free pizza.

At Nickel Marketing, our marketing team  helps you develop your irresistible offer so that everyone on the Jumbo Savings Card can benefit from the value of the your deal. When there are 34 ads all in one super valuable card, who will want to throw it away?  Especially in this economy.

By understanding these concepts all you need to determine is, your budget or how many people you want to deliver your message to. Another thing to consider is brand recognition which involves repetition, repetition, repetition.

What does it cost?

At Nickel Marketing, we are really excited about the pricing structure because we have made it tremendously affordable for this type of marketing. There are people paying thousands of dollars per month in telephone directories, or 60 cents per click on “pay-per-click” internet campaigns.

Nickel Marketing - Cost of doing Pay-per-clickNickel Marketing will get you results

5,000/10,000/25,000 Households

We have analyzed costs so that we can print a powerful ad that is large enough for people to see yet cost effective even for the smallest package we offer. The ad will be the size of a business card (3.5″ x 2″),  full color, custom designed, delivered to shopper’s homes, and will make up the JUMBO SAVINGS CARD.

Nickel Marketing Packages