Current Promotion: Free Advertising

Have you paid for business cards lately?

  • $100  to print full color, glossy, thick, and double sided business cards (for 1000 cards).  Does that sound familiar? (does not include cost for design)
  • Bulk Mailing to 5,000 people,  Best Rate (9¢) = $450 Excludes Print cost.
  • COST: $700.00 *Assuming it would cost you $250 to print (5000) cards you could mail to (5000) people.

These are all examples of common marketing expenses.  However, how effective have they been for you?

We have a system designed to get your best offer delivered to (5000) households for FREE!  Better yet, this system will not only deliver your offer, but also gain you customer leads.


1% of 5000 = 50 New Customer leads.
Let say your offer sells for $30. That would be a revenue of $1500.

Remember: That is just for 1% of the 5000.  Marketing research shows that when you have an irresistible offer, the customer response can be higher than 30%.

30% of 5000 = 1500

WOW!! That could mean $45,000 in revenue for your first campaign.

Happy Customer

So now let’s see how you can get all this, FREE.

It’s proven through current marketing studies that paper directories, newspapers, and paper magazines are a thing of the past and are quickly diminishing due to the power of the Internet.

Any business that wants to have a presence with their customers absolutely NEEDS a website to succeed.  This is no longer hype, it’s simply a fact. If you really want to grow as a business you must have a website.

Costs for a custom designed website starts at the very least $1500 to simply have a nice looking website. However, one thing to consider when having a website, is “What is the purpose of the website?”.  If you want to pay $1,500 for an electronic business card, that may not be worth your while. What would make your customer remember to look you up the next time? How would they find you again?  Just like a business card, if someone takes it and puts it on their desk, how do they remember where to find you?  What’s in it for them?

Are you on the Internet?  And if so, is it doing what you had in mind?

We have put together a Complete Marketing System that includes a website package with all the bells and whistles you will need for the package to pay for itself in no time at all.  This system will start working right away and continue bringing you revenue far after the point of paying for itself.  You will be in control of your own lead capturing system allowing you to continue advertising  and staying in touch with current/future customers with minimal effort.

This system will allow you to:

  • capture your own leads
  • advertise your current specials
  • bring you new customers
  • stay connected via social media

Lead Generation Website Package includes:

  • 5 customized pages
  • a capture page
  • Sync with Facebook

Package price = $2500 ($40/mo hosting, if needed – allows 5/changes /mo)

Going price for comparable website package, $5000.  This will not include getting your offer in the mailboxes of 5000 local shoppers.